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As all who find once they bite, lust is hollow, poisonous, and fatal–a chocolate covered razor blade...

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Curved In Upon Yourself


It was Augustine who coined the phrase “homo incurvatus in se”, man curved in upon himself. This is what sin does, it idolizes the self, sacrificing, manipulating, killing, fighting, charming, ultimately willing to do anything necessary to the barriers that keep it from personal fulfillment (James 4)....

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No Secret Sins


Sin is never isolated strictly to the sinner. Like radiation, it poisons those around it, even if they are unaware of what is happening or where it is coming from. Getting rid of Uriah, concealing the evidence, hiding behind walls and doors or cleared search histories cannot seal up the effects of sin. For David, this meant that “the sword would never depart from his hou...

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