We're excited to announce our pastoral search!

Our Church Leadership

Covenant of Grace is led by Biblical qualified elders, ordained through a process of agreement of God's calling, doctrinal examination by other elders or pastors, the taking of vows, and prayer. As we are currently a non-denominational church, our leaders are examined by ruling elders in the PCA and ARP denominations. The pastor, along with the elders of the church, are referred to collectively as the Session.

The Session


Jake Coyne


Craig Hoffer

Steven Hoffer Family 2

Steven Hoffer



Paul Mulner


What do they do?

They lead in worship, they meet with members and visitors to provide advice and instruction, they pray, they make calls, send texts and emails meant to encourage. By the grace of God, and as they are called to do by 1 Peter 5:1-3, these men shepherd our flock and live as examples for us.

What about the rest of the work?

Our members volunteer for various responsibilities in the life of the church, managed by our volunteer coordinator. We use a fantastic childcare service which provides fully-screened (criminal and drug checks) nursery and childcare workers. Our elders teach our children's Sunday school classes.