At Covenant of Grace, we recieve the Nicene Creed and Heidelberg Catechism as excellent summaries of what the Bible teaches. 

I believe...

Every person has a creed. Every church has a confession. They may not be formalized or intentional, but whatever you answer to the question "What do you believe?" is your creed and confession. 

Let's be clear...

We want to be upfront about what we believe the Bible teaches. This is not so we can be exclusive - all are welcome and the Gospel goes forth into a world of people who are as different as the day is from night. We want to be clear about what we believe because the Church of Jesus Christ has a duty to tell the truth about what Scripture says and to help people apply it in their lives.


What that application looks like can often differ, even within our own congregation, from person to person and family to family. God's truth doesn't create congregations of clones because the Christian life isn't paint by numbers. God's truth creates a shared foundation upon which we all build lives seeking to glorify him and love one another.