What should I expect when I show up?

Between 9 and 9:15 people begin to arrive for our Sunday School classes. You'll find adults welcoming one another and catching up over coffee and breakfast treats. Kids will be all over the place, eating donuts and drinking cocoa, and playing in the halls and classrooms. At 9:15 the classes begin and continue until 10:10.

From 10:10-10:30 we recharge on coffee, send the kids out to play to "get the wiggles out," and prepare for the service. Our worship service begins at 10:30 and normally runs until 11:45 or so. When you arrive for worship, a greeter will make sure you have a bulletin and a worship guide so you can participate fully.

Every other Sunday we stick around for a (catered) church lunch and, on the other Sundays, people still stick around for a while to enjoy Christian fellowship. You can look at our events calendar to know which dates have lunch. 

What is the worship service like?

Our order of worship is centered around the Word of God and is designed to draw you in as a participant. We confess our sins with sincerity and rejoice to be reminded of the forgiveness we have in Christ. We profess our faith boldly, sing enthusiastically, and also pray, read, and hear preached the Word of God. We're excited to be using the brand new "Trinity Psalter Hymnal." Our approach to worship may take some getting used to, or it may feel comfortable and familiar to you right away. Either way, we don't worship this way out of preference but because we believe God promises to grow us through worship when we focus all our activities around his Word instead of our preferences.

What about kids?

We include our children in worship whenever possible so we can reinforce in them our love for worship and the language and activities of God's people. We're accustomed to a bit of noise and movement from kids in worship. There's a crying room in the back of our sanctuary and childcare (nursery) is also provided for children who aren't ready and parents who need a break in order to focus on worship.

Kids of any age are also welcome in the primary Sunday School class, and we offer a children’s Sunday School class (with baby care) for any parents that want to utilize it. We support parents doing what is best for their family.