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The Riot and the Dance: WATER

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March 6, 2020

6:30pm – 9:00pm

Location: 9 Dunwoody Park Suite 104, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Category: Youth Events | Coordinator: Paul Mulner
"If your world has faded to black and white,
The Riot and the Dance is the cure for colorblindness."
-Timothy Standish, PHD, Senior Scientist Geoscience Research Institute

 Seats are limited. Registration required at 

What if there was a documentary as amazing as those in the "Planet Earth" series that also sought to see and glorify the designer behind the design? That's "The Riot and the Dance."

Part 1, released in 2018, was EARTH. 

This nature and science documentary showcases the vast and beautifully intricate planet on which we live. Produced in a fully cinematic style, the film presents a wide variety of ingeniously designed creatures from around the world in a way that will fascinate audiences of any age. Through a vividly powerful experience the audience is intended to develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for the Creator's workmanship and personality. From slugs to sharks to vipers and elephants, Dr. Gordon Wilson will host well-known scientists and experts to open eyes to the glory of creation.

Join us on March 6th as we participate in the world premiere of Part 2: WATER.

We'll have pizza and salads, watch the movie together, and have a few minutes talking about our favorite parts. Friends and guests are welcome but we are limited to 75 seats, so register quickly to confirm yours!

 Seats are limited. Registration required at