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I'm New Here

I'm New Here

I'm New Here

Garage Gang - Mistakes Were Made (but not by me)

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April 14, 2020

7:00pm – 10:30pm

Location: 8200 Innsbruck Dr., Atlanta, GA 30350

Category: Men's Ministry | Coordinator: Paul Mulner

About Garage Gang

Join us for our monthly Men's book discussion. We socialize starting at 7 and begin the book discussion promptly at 7:30. To participate, we require you to have read at least 50% of the book we're discussing and to try to attend at least half the meetings for the year. This facilitates our discussions by building trust and establishing a common vocabulary from the things we've read together before.

This Month

Mistakes Were Made (but Not by Me)
Carol Tavris & Elliot Aronson
400 pages; 9:04 audiobook

When we make mistakes, cling to outdated attitudes, or mistreat other people, we must calm the cognitive dissonance that jars our feelings of self-worth. And so, unconsciously, we create fictions that absolve us of responsibility, restoring our belief that we are smart, moral, and right—a belief that often keeps us on a course that is dumb, immoral, and wrong. Backed by years of research, Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Meoffers a fascinating explanation of self-justification—how it works, the damage it can cause, and how we can overcome it. This updated edition features new examples and concludes with an extended discussion of how we can live with dissonance, learn from it, and perhaps, eventually, forgive ourselves.

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