I'm New Here

I'm New Here

I'm New Here

If you're concerned about the impact of COVID-19 and wonder about its impact on the life of our church, you're not alone!

Here's some information we've pulled together for how to think Christianly about this (and any) crisis!

A Christian Response to COVID-19 (Brochure produced by our church)

Daily Meditations on Psalm 27 (Daily blog posts based on a Paul Tripp book)

Coronavirus and Christ (Free ebook and audiobook from John Piper & Desiring God)

Why not online services?

(congregational presentation)

Corporate worship is more than the conveyance of information or the ritualistic practice of liturgy. Yes, it’s a great mystery, but what the Spirit is doing through the means of grace in corporate worship is more than the sum of its parts. The elements of worship, experienced online, are missing something more than just the fellowship.

When we can’t meet for worship, for any reason, we're missing something we simply cannot replace. Online sermons and songs are useful and helpful, but we do people a disservice when we refer to this in a way that suggests what we are doing is the same kind of thing as corporate worship.

We meet online for other purposes (mainly prayer and fellowship) but do not meet online to worship. 

Church Email List

If you aren't currently on the church email list and would like to be, you can sign up here. We're using this list to communicate about online meetings and other church announcements.